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Jan. 22nd, 2019

[info]wyvernpub in [info]wanna_rp

Where those who are safe are those who keep paying.
~WYVERNPUB is a Harry Potter GPSL, set in 2000. It incorporates HP canon along with the bones of John Wick's Continental Hotel.


Jan. 21st, 2019

[info]marveld in [info]wanna_rp

[info]marveld We have now opened our doors to celebs from any Marvel property. Adds are tonight!

[info]kennedyvang in [info]find_a_writer

looking for a slash line where they're either exes trying to rekindle their relationship - one having a kid or both of them, two rival musicians that end up sparking a romance together, you being a musician and myself playing the 'boyfriend' that everyone knows about, but the singer sleeps around, or you being the musician and myself being a roadie, merch guy or photographer

[info]the_unbound in [info]wanna_rp

The Unbound

The Unbound
It’s been sixteen years since the Clovennian Usurpation. It is a time of peace, they say. The war was short, and now the Aurellians are well on their way to becoming a civilized nation, they say. Many of those born with the Gift of magic find their arms covered in welts left by a Clovennian needle whose treatment dampens their powers. They are bound in order to maintain peace. The Aurellians are better off this way. Everyone is. And the treatments will end soon. At least, that’s what they say.

Anger is dangerous, but it hisses beneath the surface, ready to strike. Even now, with the new census looming, not all Aurellians have been treated. Some have chosen, for the purposes of moving more carefully through the newly-unrecognizable world, to hide their gifts until, one day soon, they’re ready to fight back.

The Clovennians insist that they believe in peace. The Unbound? They believe in freedom. Whose side will you take?

The Unbound is an original character supernatural GPSL. The game explores the tensions between a colonized country and its colonizers in an upstairs-downstairs setting where magic is common, but “bound” by the colonizers.

[info]rebelmod in [info]wanna_rp

mutiny with us

we are the uprising
an original supernatural community
Crescent City, CA is a small beach town but it's home to many who seek refuge. The tsunami heavy coast provides shelter to the weary and the lighthouse stands tall and bright as long as there are people in Crescent City willing to help.

But there is foul work at play...

and not all who are weary can be put to rest.

There are some who are tired of hiding, who are tired of bowing in the dark while the humans bask in the light. Everyone wants to be acknowledged. Some are simply exhausted from living in fear. Some are happy to stay content and safe on their little beach.

And the two sides have been arguing for centuries.

Do you follow the law? Or do you mutiny?

pick your side

Jan. 20th, 2019

[info]notformyglory in [info]find_a_writer


Looking for a line (or multiple!) against my version of a modern Lancelot! This version isn't totally different from how he's portrayed in legends, but you can read all about thathere. Would love an Arthur, Gwen, Merlin, Eliane (Lady of Shallot). Welcome to crossovers, genderbent versions, or original characters.

Also sorry to those who may see this multiple times for crossposting.

[info]notformyglory in [info]wanna_rp


Looking for a line (or multiple!) against my version of a modern Lancelot! This version isn't totally different from how he's portrayed in legends, but you can read all about thathere. Would love an Arthur, Gwen, Merlin, Eliane (Lady of Shallot). Welcome to crossovers, genderbent versions, or original characters.

Also sorry to those who may see this multiple times for crossposting.

[info]miraclemods in [info]wanna_rp

Miracle Country - a CLAMP-inspired panfandom RPG

The worlds aren’t just one.

You know how it goes – the way a pendulum swings – one action causes another reaction. The world you live in is not the only world that exists. Across the universe and its dimensions, there are countless other worlds – and now you and others have been brought to the place called Miracle Country.

You awaken in this new world in the hope a miracle will take place. Gifted with a jar that houses your good and bad intentions – you were brought here for a purpose, something only you can do.

The world survives on balance. No light without the dark, no good without the evil, no right without the wrong. The worlds across dimensions are falling out of balance, and you and the others brought here hold the key to their survival. Through your actions, through your choices, through your thoughts, you can control what becomes of you, the others, and the worlds you know and don’t know.

Everything here permeates magic and you are not an exception, drawn into the fate of all worlds. That magic grows the longer you are here – your good actions causing good rewards; your bad decisions causing strange happenings with the magic.

You can’t go home yet. Miracle Country is peaceful enough – but even the most beautiful of places isn’t without its shadows. Everything exists in balance, after all.

Miracle Country is a panfandom roleplaying game based on CLAMP’s works where characters are gifted with a jar of konpeito candy that represents their good and bad actions. Through their actions, relationships, choices, and thoughts, they affect the fate of the multiverse and prevent the worlds from falling apart around them.


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[info]vyce in [info]find_a_writer

Currently seeking a canon x OC Pokemon or DBZ/Super line, or something involving campy/comedic superheroics; very much open to smut. Check the Journal for info, and contact me there if interested.

Jan. 19th, 2019

[info]conspiring in [info]wanna_rp

[info]littlebearmod looking for an older sister in the form of jessica harmon. she can be a gifted human or not.

[info]schismsmod in [info]wanna_rp

"We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim." - E.W.

The world is changing, will you?
Schisms is on OC-only superpower game set in New York City, New York in the year 2021. There's a fresh, new face leading the country, moving it toward a place of acceptance for mutants among mankind. Federal mandatory registration for mutants has recently been overturned, instead leaving it as a state issue. New York and California have removed mandatory registration, labeling themselves "Sanctuary States." There is a school being built in The Bronx that will be specifically for the education and training of mutants, better allowing them the ability to mix with society. There's even a small area nearby, labeled Shangri-La, which has steadily become known for it's prevalent mutant population.

Of course, nothing is truly that simple. With rumblings of two groups on opposing sides coming to light, a governmental black ops group of mutants, shady businesses trying to cure mutants, people just trying to live their lives, and political groups fighting on both sides, even Sanctuary States aren't entirely safe. It's only a matter of time before things come to a head. So, let us ask you...

On which side will you fall?

Game opens February 1

[info]notlikeidied in [info]find_players

I am on the hunt for a Stefan over at [info]thearrived! Feel free to hit up the dropbox to discuss further. We also have some other wants which can be found here.

Jan. 18th, 2019

[info]thearrived in [info]wanna_rp

The Arrived is an open world space exploration panfandom game set in a fictional universe. Characters are pulled into the world through a black hole, given the low down and sent on their merry way to find their niche in their new lives.

Characters are not restricted to one location, rather the entirety of the world is open for them to explore providing endless opportunities to create plot! While there will be mod run plot points, and plot set up with the political strife of the Galaxy itself, The Arrived aims to be a place where players are in charge of their character's destinies. Everything from space piracy to politics to just general slice of life is possible!

The pieces are there, it's up to you to put it together.

[info]reposemods in [info]wanna_rp


Repose, Anywhere, USA.
Crawling along the inside of your skull is a voice that tells you something is out of the ordinary.

It's afternoon, but you can't see your shadow. It's night, but there's no sign of stars. The girl behind the counter at the corner store sells you paint and flashes a smile with fangs. Under the eaves of colonials with chipped siding, lupine shapes are roaming, circling. Did you hear that someone goes missing every twenty years on the same day? Or that someone saw the poetess who drowned herself a hundred years ago reciting verses to the lily pads yesterday?

You don't come to this little town for peace and quiet, or a good tan at the edge of the lake. You come because you're curious for a glimpse of the post-mundane. You come because of that restricted military facility and its high fences. You come hunting monsters. You come because you are the monster. You come because you don't fit in anywhere else. Adjacent to the big city bustle, the supernatural has made itself at home in Repose. Blend into the crowd of weird, and settle in for a season or two. There's a storm of strangeness, and Repose is drenched.

We are a writing community that welcomes both original and fandom-based sources.


[info]plunder_bunny in [info]wanna_rp

[info]reconsider looking for a Guybrush Threepwood (Monkey Island games) for my Elaine Marley, preferred PBs are Dolph Ziggler/Nick Nemeth, Charlie Hunnam, Ben Mudge or Brock O'Hurn. Contact me here if interested.

Jan. 16th, 2019

[info]chamilet in [info]wanna_rp

Looking to play in Doctor Who, Star Trek TOS, Star Trek: Voyager, Glee, Queer as Folk (US), Torchwood, Sherlock, Star Trek: TNG, Brokeback Mountain, Twilight and Bandom: Duran Duran.

Details here

[info]littlebearmod in [info]wanna_rp

Little Bear
In the sleepy San Bernadino town of Little Bear, supernatural beings and humans co-exist peacefully. The six gods enjoy watching their mortal subjects, occasionally granting boons or smiting where they see fit. Vampires and werewolves, humans and others, enjoy a peace born of cooperation. Even the hell mouth over the Denny's only belches demons intermittently.

But the seventh god, the forgotten one, has spent too long out of the sun. And now he is returning, his powers coming into their own as he seeks to prove himself worthy of the title of god once more.

How calm can this small town remain as the forgotten one tries to prove himself in its small staging ground? How long before the other gods intervene with their own servants? Is that a demon trying to get another coffee at the Denny's counter?

Little Bear is a calm, friendly game in the style of Fantasy High, Adventure Zone, or Welcome to Night Vale, focusing on ordinary supernatural people who are dealing with the gods using their town as a playground.

Game starts 26 January.

Jan. 12th, 2019

[info]collectormods in [info]wanna_rp

The Collection

What makes a person special? Who decides what is and what isn't special? What one person deems special, others deem unimportant. Some people stand out for the things they achieve in their lives. Some are noticed for their beauty. Some have special talents. Others are special in that they don't stand out at all. Who are worthy of being collected and who are not?

The Collection is an Anime PanFandom sandbox RPG. Characters from all anime fandoms have been gathered together to form the ultimate collection on an Island that is all their own and one they cannot escape from.

No one really knows how they managed to get to the Island. More importantly, no one knows why they were brought there in the first place. Upon their arrival, each character wakes in a room of their own within the city, a collection of their belongings with them, and what appears to be a travel brochure for the Island. Is this a virtual world? Or the real world? There are no logout menus. No life bars. No other instructions or explanations are offered. Does that prove reality over virtual? The questions continue to pile up with little to no answers to dispel the confusion. There is nothing but the vague welcome of the unknown drifting through the air.

welcome to your new life....

[info]doctor_13 in [info]wanna_rp

Does anyone need a doctor?

Open to all sorts of companions or even cross-overs!

[info]thestormking in [info]wanna_rp

Currently extremely interested in Fantastic Beasts plots for my werewolf Theon. I've written up a history of him in my Verses page. Fine with het or slash. Primarily interested in:

Newt Scamander to tame the werewolf Theon and persuade him away from Grindelwald.
Theseus Scamander interrogation plot where things end up getting rather intense between them and potentially toxic to positive relationship.
Gellert Grindelwald training Theon plot where things could go in a variety of different directions.
Albus Dumbledore would likewise be wonderful for trying to get Theon to see the right path. Would love to explore everything with such a character.
Tina Goldstein would be wonderful.

I'm looking for things plot heavy with a potential for interesting ships and smut to explore. Hope to find some takers.

And always, I'm open to most ASoIaF and GoT things. Always down for writing with nearly anyone from the show and books.

Other fandoms and characters I'd love to write againt.

Stephen Strange
Anyone from Sherlock
Anyone from Bond (Craig era, Q especially)
Always open to trying many new things, so if you're interested don't hesitate to contact me.
Have a huge weakness for Ben Whishaw PB.


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